High Quality Professional Aerial Photography and Videography

Data Analysis and Mapping

Waypoint Pilots captures professional aerial imagery and employ software to produce professional maps and models for data analysis across a wide range of industries.

  • 3D Mapping

    Using cutting edge flight patterns and processing software, WayPoint Pilots provides professional 3D point cloud maps allowing our clients the ability to analyze and inspect mapped images from any angle.

  • Crop Analysis

    We provide farmers, growers, and land management companies with the ability to monitor the health of their crops and timber without ever having to set foot on the soil.

  • Volume and Distance Measurement

    WayPoint Pilots’s industry specific maps and models can measure distance, area, and volume.

  • Topography

    Our end-to-end system generates accurate contour maps in near real time, giving our clients the ability to view projects within hours.

Industrial Applications

WayPoint Pilots conduct aerial inspections of assets and projects across various industries. Our professional aerial inspection services enable an asset manager and/or industrial operator to safely and efficiently monitor and track the condition of their assets.

Our industry inspection services increase our client’s corporate efficiency. Our drone pilots are well trained to ensure the flight route is properly preplanned such that we gather requested imagery, both visual and/or thermal, of the entire asset. Once the imagery data is collected, WayPoint Pilots uses its software to convert the images into professional maps and models to meet the needs of any industry.

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