Our Applications

Land & Resource Management

Using advanced flight patterns and analysis software, our pilots are able to map large areas with very fast turnaround. Our maps provide clients with 2D and 3D aggregate maps allowing the measure of volume and distance. Manage your resources without ever having to set foot on the property.

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Real Estate

Your sale or rental listings will stand out with use of our fully customizable high quality, 4K HD aerial photography and videography. Aerial drone imagery is a great way to showcase and promote the important selling points of your property, including its location in relation to its surroundings, property access, and landscape.
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Rental home management companies can view and document the status of a managed property as part of a tenant changeover inspection, after a natural disaster, or for periodic inspections. Absentee owners who want periodic visual monitoring and inspection of their vacation and/or rental homes can now have customizable, high quality drone imagery of their commercial and residential properties accessible for their viewing at anytime, anywhere in the world.


From analyzing the topography of a potential build site, to ensuring proper elevations, to charting and inspecting building progress, to the final building, our aerial solutions allow developers, builders and owners, the ability to inspect progress, track assets, and manage projects from anywhere in the world.

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Storm damage inspection and visual data imagery can be time consuming and, in many instances, dangerous. Our aerial inspection services allow for the safe, efficient, and cost-effective collection of visual imagery to document and support insurance claims for storm and other damage.

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For example, instead of insurance personnel having to climb towers, walk on rooftops, or other potentially hazardous tasks; our expert pilots can safely and effectively provide aerial photography and videography footage of the damage. we do this with the added advantage of it requiring a fraction the time of traditional manual methods.

Telecom and Energy

Our aerial inspection services allow the safe, efficient, and cost-effective collection of visual imagery to document and support the proper functioning of vital equipment and/or data for review of potential deterioration in structural integrity or improper functioning of critical components or assets.

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Fully FAA licensed and insured, WayPoint pilots work directly with the commercial film producers to provide high-quality aerial cinematography using leading edge drone technology.

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From hunting, golf course monitoring, rental home management, and legal evidence for use in court, we provide custom services at no extra cost. Contact us if you have a job that does not fall under the categories laid out here.

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